Vershich pass is the highest mountain pass in Slovenia

Vrsicpass…pronounced as the Vershich pass is the highest mountain pass in Slovenia. It is beautiful #juliancasablancas Alps with marked 50 hairpin turns known as serpentine, almost half of them are for ascending the mountain. When you plan to ascend this pass…keep sufficient time with you. This is not because it’s a difficult drive, but it has multiple beautiful places to see during your visit. The road is known as Russian Road (Ruska cesta), as it was built for military purposes in the early 19th century. It is at an elevation of 5285 feet. One can drive, walk, ride a bicycle or bike. You will meet many local and tourist on your way, especially during the weekend. I interacted with Slovenian in various villages and cities, for them, this is their one of the favourite activities. They love riding a bike on weekends. If with family, driving four wheeler is the preferred option. At hairpin turn 8, you will find #RussianChapel which was built where over 300 Russian prisoners of war, forced to construct the road, were killed in an avalanche in 1916. What you should know before you plan to visit Vercic pass. Whether is unpredictable. If you are lucky you will get a sunny day. You should check whether prediction before you plan to visit here. Every hairpin turn is numbered here so you exactly know your location. Vršič pass can be reached from Kranjska Gora or Bovec. I started earlier. If you start from Kranjska Gora, keep some time to explore the place. Its beautiful with lake and river bank.#iloveslovenia

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