Save Your Hard Earned Money! (Cash In-5)

Save Your Hard Earned Money!

You might have been advised by many on how to save and invest money or you might have read books or articles about it. All bits of advice and knowledge will not work until you start working on it. Some of the tips may sound so simple that you ignore it.

Ashish Parmar, Operation Head of an IT company once told me, “As my income goes up, my expenses also ascend. I have been working for the last 15 years. Today my salary is Rs. 25 lakhs. I don’t understand where my money goes. I have a bank loan of Rs. 35 lakhs still to be paid.”


How not to fall into a debt trap

It requires a disciplined approach towards money. If you have not yet started making your personal budget, start it from today onwards. And if you have already started, it’s time to analyse it as follows:

Categorise your expenses into different expense heads such as food, health, conveyance, entertainment, utilities, clothes, donation, rent, taxes etc

Make a note of other yearly expenses such as tours and travel, education, membership fees, subscriptions, etc.

Put them in one place and find out how much percentage are you spending on each expense head. You can make a pie or line chart of your expenses for better understanding.

You may find the most worrisome expense, as you had thought is only a small part of your total budget. The idea is to save your money mind from getting into penny things.

It will be difficult to generalise, what is the right percentage for food, health or rent etc. because no two family sizes are the same. Spending varies by income level. Cost varies from one place to another. There are many other factors like the type of job, the status in society, etc.


Some of the areas to be given  thought for cutting your monthly household expenses are :



Look at how you are using electricity at you home. Turn off lights, computers, chargers etc. when not in use. Start using CFL bulbs, it saves a considerable amount of electricity. Though costly initially, these have a longer life and contribute to great savings.



If you are driving to your workplace, you can go for the carpooling option with your friends or colleagues. It will save your fuel cost and also the maintenance. It saves the environment too from getting polluted.


Telephone Bills

Look at the mobile and landline phone bills. Are you using the plan that suits your needs? Check out for options available with other telecom providers to compare.


New Purchases

Before you make any big purchase ask yourself if you really need it? It is really easy to cut down your expenses if you think before you buy. Impulse buying costs you more than needed. You can look around and surf the internet for cheaper options or discounts before buying.


Credit card bills

Keep track of your credit card bills.


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